Scenic Spots

Route 1:The East Rift Valley

From Chihshang, Guanshan, all the way to Luye, Yanping and Beinan, the East Rift Valley has brilliant emerald green fields and spectacular hills worthy of visits.

Dapo Pond Dapo Pond

As a rare natural inland wetland in Taiwan, Dapo Pond is rich in natural resources. Pavilions and bird-watching area turn Dapo Pond into a beautiful eco-park.

Guanshan Water Park Guanshan Water Park

Open to public since 1999, Guanshan Water Park allows visitors to enjoy themselves by taking a stroll or cycling in its Dynamic Area, Static Area and Lotus Ecological Pond, and enjoy activities.

Luye Gautai Luye Gautai

The diverse landforms nesting against rivers give birth to the various agricultural products of Luye. Combining paragliding with its tea farms, the Luye Gautai is becoming a new resort.

Chulu Ranch Chulu Ranch

The Chulu Ranch is the largest hillside ranch in Taiwan. Visitors can experience the pastoral life on the maple trail, the open ranch farm, the forest paths, the grass surfing area and the cow farm.

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Route 5 / The Southern Cross Highway | Route 6 / The Islands